About us

COLEWOS clothes is designed for a fashionable woman with attetude that likes classic and timeless fashion.
For women who is not influenced by seasonal trends. We think of her on daily basis, what does she need,
what makes her feel comfortable, on which situations she needs to be ready for and that is our guide for
creating and producing new collections.
In the context of timeless fashion, every women wants a piece clothes that can last for years, that makes her
feel comfortable and that can easly be combined with other pieces existing in her wardrobe. For that reason
we attach our special attention to fabrics selection for our collection. Our aim is to produce a clothes that fits
both, daily and evening outfits.
We care for environment thus for us it’s crucial that our business partner thinks in the same direction.
Awareness and careness of our suppliers for our joint future is very immportant to us. Their activities and
initiatives in various sustainable projects, organic fabrics production, recycling and fair-trade certification are
influencing allot in decission making process and acceptance for cooperation on our side.

New Collection – when we create new collection firstly we focus on selection of fabrics, and special attention
we give to continuity. When we find something that fits, we try to keep the same fiber in our future collections
as well.

Organic collection – our organic collection is fully made from organically produced fabrics. While creating,
the simplicity and everyday life were constantly on our mind. Out of many scretches, the winners were
allways designs that can be imagined as a basic of every fashionable woman wordrobe.
Seasonal collection – the sesonal collection is focused on accessories needed in certain time of a year. We
coud single out creation of summer and winter hats produced by traditional Croatian hat producers, but also
fashionable raincoats produced of recycled fabrics.

PACKAGING – our full packaging is made of paper. We want to avoid environmental pollution and to
encourage on recycling.

COLEWOS room d.o.o
Bolnička cesta 36, 10000 Zagreb
OIB: 66029152494
Company is registered at the Commercial register: Commercial Court in Zagreb
Bank Account: Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d.
IBAN: HR3424020061101021196
The amount of issued capital paid in full: 20.000,00 HRK
Board member: Ivana Klapšić

Mail: info@colewos.com
GSM: 00385 91 6172 430
Radićeva 31, Zagreb
Working hours:
Mon-Fri 12:00 – 19:00
Sat 11:00-16:00
Customer Care (orders, exchange, returns etc.):
e-mail: info@colewos.com